Frequently asked questions

1. Why do we sell rice cookers?

Our e-commerce site is oriented to rice cookers because this type of product is sold at outrageous prices in France and Europe. We know that many people seek this type of product, but are unable to find high quality products at reasonable prices.  Yomi-Home offers very high quality products at competitive prices.

2. What country are your products compatible?

Our products are compatible for countries using the current 220-230 V 50-60 Hz, and plug-type C / E / F / G. This is compatible for over 150 countries. Our products are equipped with a cord with a plug type G (GB 3 Pins), and we provide a free plug adapter for C / E / F (EU standards)

Please note that imports from the United States and Japan operate on 110 V, and do not work in France and Europe.

3. How do you calculate the "CUP" of rice cookers.

Table of Equivalence CUP / Liters :




Equivalent Rice Cooked


0.5 L / 0.5 Kg

1-3 Persons

1.5 L / 1.5 Kg

5.5 CUP

1 L / 1 Kg

1-5 Persons

3 L / 3 Kg

10 CUP

1.8 L / 1.8 Kg

1-10 Persons

5.5 L / 5.5 Kg

4. What can I cook with rice cookers?

Traditionally rice cookers are used for cooking rice, but with modern technology the different models provide different options such as cooking and even baking. Some models can bake cakes and come with a steam basket for vegetables and fish. Rice cookers have become multi-use appliances.

Some examples of cooking methods:
White Rice / Sushi / Congee / Risotto / Brown Rice 

5. From where are your products shipped?

We ship all of our products from Hong Kong. 

6. What are your shipping costs?

We use Hong Kong Post Office as our carrier. All shipments can be tracked on the Hong Kong Post Office website.

7. Where are your products manufactured?

We have products made in Japan and China. 

8. Are your items new?

Yes, our products are sold new in their original packaging and are all tested to be defect free before shipment.

9. Who are we ? is a branch of the company France Food Company Limited(FFCL) based in Hong Kong. Yomi-Home was previously known as FFCL has operated in Hong Kong for over 20 years.

Specializing in the Food / Home Appliances, Yomi-Home was created to enable European customers to have access to specific products not found in stores in Europe.

All our products are ROHS with the label.

10. To which destinations do you ship?

We ship globally!!!

11. Do you provide the plug adapter?

One plug adapter for the plug type C / E / F is provided per product.

12. The manual provided is there in English?

Yes, the manual comes in two languages English and Chinese.

13. My purchase arrived but is damaged / does not work?

Our products are all inspected to be defect free before shipping. First check if you have installed the product correctly. For example connecting the cable correctly and enabling power for the device to operate.

However, if  the product is damaged or does not operate please contact our customer service, and we will discuss the next steps to be taken. Please refer to the warranty and returns section for more information.

14. My Parcel is in customs. What should I do?

It is possible that your order is inspected by the customs of your country which is normal.We provide PROFORMA invoice for each order. The buyer must be aware that they are responsible for any custom charges that may incur.

15. Why can’t I track my parcel on the website?

A tracking number is provided to you for each order. Please go to the Hong Kong Post Office website to see the status of the shipment. The carrier allows you to check the status of the major stages of its delivery. It does not allow you to follow in real time.

The average time for delivery is 5 to 10 work days. We indicate the average time provided by the carrier and cannot guarantee the delivery time. We are not liable for any delays, additional delays, or errors.